Frozen Yogurt Machine Guide: Benefits of Frozen Yogurt

Did you know that frozen yogurt can freshen your breath? Studies show that daily yogurt can keep unpleasant odors out of your breath, and work against halitosis. Starting in the mid-1970s, this amazing dessert has been a favorite for people worldwide.

Not only is it delicious, but many people consider it the healthier alternative to ice cream. Are you a frozen yogurt enthusiast who is thinking about investing in a frozen yogurt machine? Read on to learn about the benefits of frozen yogurt. 

Froyo Can Be Easier to Digest Than Ice Cream

Unfortunately, many people experience stomach discomfort when consuming traditional ice cream. Frozen yogurt has less milk fat than standard ice cream, which makes it easier for the stomach to break down. 

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Calcium Helps Many Functions

You may have heard when you were younger to ‘drink your milk to keep the bones strong’. Luckily, frozen yogurt can have that same effect. High levels of calcium in a balanced diet can help to develop and maintain strong bones, that support your entire body. 

Probiotics Are Great for Gut Health

One of the froyo benefits of eating regular yogurt is the wonderful probiotics that can help with keeping your stomach balanced and weight consistent. Frozen yogurt can offer these same benefits. In addition to keeping stomach health balanced, consistent probiotic consumption helps boost the immune system. 

Fewer Calories Than Ice Cream

For those calorie counters out there, this one is for you. An average serving of frozen yogurt has about 25 fewer calories than ice cream. Though this is not a huge number, every bit counts! Better yet, you can sneak in more frozen yogurt for the same calories the ice cream scoop would have been. 

One of the frozen yogurt machine’s benefits is you do not need to rely on the local ice cream shop to make frozen yogurt- you can make it yourself, anytime. 

Vitamins to the Max

Having consistent scoops of frozen yogurt is like injecting yourself with an extra shot of nutrients. A few of these helpful vitamins include potassium, vitamin B6, and B12. Who would have thought that healthy could taste so good?

Depending on the ingredients you put in the frozen yogurt, the vitamin count may increase. Consider using all-natural fruit juices to gain as many nutrients as possible. 

Now You Know the Benefits of Buying a Frozen Yogurt Machine

Whether you are dreaming of creamy chocolate, tangy lemon, or rich vanilla frozen yogurt, we hope this article excited you about making your product. Buying a frozen yogurt machine keeps the good stuff coming whenever you would like. Rack up those health benefits while enjoying this delicious treat. 

The team at Taylor Foodservice Equipment would love to help you find the perfect fit. Whether the machine is for your home, restaurant, or community center, they will answer any questions about the machine options. Contact them today to learn more about making own frozen yogurt. 

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