Heated Merchandisers: Your Full Guide

Heated merchandisers are heated display cases that check off all the boxes. These versatile pieces of commercial equipment maintain a safe food temperature, make food look appetizing, reduce waste, and efficiently store products of every type and shape.

What is a heated merchandiser?

A heated merchandiser is a heated holding cabinet with glass profiles and sides. Quality heated merchandisers display food and generate sales while evenly heating food and maintaining a safe temperature. Heated merchandisers can display food as is or in containers (such as an express profit center).

There are a variety of heated merchandisers available. The right display cabinet is the right size for the space with the appropriate shelf capacity and shelves or racks suitable for the food products. Many heated merchandisers have lighting and rotating shelves that showcase each product. Modern heated merchandisers come with LED lighting that uses less energy than older models. Some heated display cabinets also have stainless steel dishes that hold the product until served (or until the food is disposed). Businesses can select the right heated merchandiser and customize the display by contacting a professional.

What kind of food can be stored in a heated merchandiser?

Heated merchandisers can hold almost any kind of heated food item, such as pizza, nacho cheese, hot dogs, poultry products, French fries, cheese curds, and warm sandwiches. These heated display cabinets can store an endless list of products available for full- or self-serve (depending on the heated merchandiser).

How long can a heated merchandiser hold food?

The exact amount of time for each item is different. It’s important to track the temperature of food to ensure the food is stored at safe temperatures and that the food quality is maintained.

What kind of businesses can use a heated merchandiser?

The versatility of these commercial heated display cabinets make them a good fit for almost any type of business. Restaurants, concessions stands, delis, coffee shops, gas stations, bakery, grocery stores and other food-service businesses have utilized heated merchandisers for selling food products.

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