The Benefits Investing in a Slushie Machine for Your Coffee Shop

Several things come to mind when you think of spring and summer. Some are the glorious sunshine, swimming in lakes, and the festival atmosphere.

However, the first thing you think of is an ice-cold slush!

The iconic drink is packed with ice, sweetness, and vibrant colors. Nothing is more enjoyable than cooling off with a refreshing cup during the hot season.

It is the most popular non-alcoholic frozen drink nationwide. It is so in demand that experts predict the slushie machine industry to reach $391.3 million by 2026.

To uncover why they’re so popular, read on until the end!

1. It Makes Your Life Easier

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Remember that time is money.” That has never been more true than in the workplace.

Since a slushie machine makes life easier, you have more time to prep food or help your customers. The days are gone when you had to handcraft each drink for every customer. Now, it is as simple as adding your flavors and waiting around 45 minutes for them to cure.

You barely have to lift a finger!

2. Slushie Machines Are a Marketing Tool

In Wisconsin, the hot season runs almost four months, from the end of May to mid-September. In July, temperatures can reach up to 82°F.

Therefore it is no surprise that a newly opened ice cream parlor or a slushie machine is the town of the town.

Everyone will talk about the new delicious slushie from your coffee shop. If you use personalized slushie cups, more people will see the name of your cafe around town.

3. Diversify Your Menu With a Coffee Slushie

If you want to expand your menu or shake things up in the kitchen, a slushie machine is an answer to your problems. 

Of course, you could create unique flavors and drinks. But you don’t have to stop with slushies. The machines allow you to make multiple kinds of coffee.

It is a cost-effective and time-saving tool to help design the best iced coffee in town. And since it is simple to use, everyone in your coffee shop can use it from day one.

4. Add a Shot of Syrup or Alcohol

Studies show that there are over 35,600 coffee shops nationwide. Each year that number continues to grow. 

With so much competition, standing out from your rivals is vital. And nothing highlights your brand more than an alcoholic frozen drink. People will flock from all over town to pack out your cafe.

Be sure to apply for a liquor license if you haven’t already got one.

5. Increase Your Revenue

The goal of every company is to make money. Even non-profit organizations must make enough each month to keep the doors open.

Whether you serve a basic slushie, a trendy alcoholic frozen cocktail, or an iced coffee, people will buy your products. Just think about your previous experience on a sunkissed day. There is no doubt you thought about a place to sit back, relax and enjoy an ice-cold drink.

Since the machines are affordable, you will make your money back in no time before raking in the profits.

Invest in a Slushie Machine Today

In the food and drinks industry, you must continue moving forward. Each year new stores open and can take away from your business. 

A slushie machine takes your coffee shop to a new level. After reading our guide, you learned the benefits of purchasing one for your business.

So, waste no more of your precious time. Explore our products and start an exciting new era with your brand!

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