Top 4 Benefits of Perfect Fry® Ventless Fryers

As a commercial kitchen owner, you know that the installation of a vent hood to ensure the safety of your facility can be one of the most costly aspects of food service, particularly if you’re providing fried food to your patrons. Perfect Fry® ventless fryers are a specialized kind of deep fryer that use a filter to catch the oily vapors released during the frying process. By purchasing one or a few of these for your kitchen, you can eliminate the expense of having to install a vent hood. Explore what other benefits you can gain from this cutting-edge commercial kitchen appliance below.

Benefits of Perfect Fry® Ventless Fryers

Saves Space

Perfect Fry® ventless fryers are compact yet highly efficient professional deep frying appliances. With these ventless fryers in your commercial kitchen, you can save plenty of countertop space as well as have more clearance under your counters for additional kitchen utility storage. Having extra space in your kitchen allows for better organization and cleanliness, as well as additional working stations for your staff when needed.

Easy to Clean

Most food frying equipment requires frequent upkeep and deep cleaning—except for Perfect Fry® ventless fryers. These ventless fryers come with an oil-draining kit that has everything you need to drain oil, even when it is hot. Additionally, all of the Perfect Fry® ventless fryer’s stainless steel parts can be taken off the fryer’s frame and simply washed in a sink or dishwasher. With a simple household cleaner, you can even just spray and wipe the vat, element, and grease traps. Finally, to refill the device with new cooking oil (must be done weekly with daily business use), you just need to rinse the parts in a neutralized solution of water and vinegar, then simply reinstall them.

Programmable Presets

Perfect Fry® ventless fryers also feature programmable presets that can help you reduce prep time and achieve consistent frying results with each order. By taking advantage of this technology, you can maintain an ideal level of crispiness as well as freshness because the machine also works to keep food hot and ready to serve.

Lower Energy Consumption

Because Perfect Fry® ventless fryers also use less oil than traditional deep frying machines, you can save on both operational costs and utilities. What’s more, the Perfect Fry® ventless fryer also has a “standby” feature that allows your kitchen staff to reduce oil temperatures between busy rush times to save more energy. When you need to heat the oil again, the machine starts back up in no time.

Where to Find Perfect Fry® Ventless Fryers in Wisconsin

Taylor Enterprises of WI, Inc. is a trusted authorized supplier of Perfect Fry® ventless fryers in Wisconsin for commercial kitchens of all kinds, including restaurants, hotels, and more. We are a family-owned and privately-held company that has been supplying professional food service equipment to Wisconsin and surrounding areas for over 60 years. With a solid commitment to excellence, a well-trained workforce, and a wealth of resources, we continue to operate with the goal of always being the best in our industry.

To explore other food service equipment near you or to speak with one of our friendly sales consultants, please contact us today.

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