Why Your Bar Needs a Zamboozy™ Adult Slushie Freezer

As a brewery or craft bar owner, there aren’t a lot of new things you can introduce to your summer drink menu other than new flavors. This is where the Zamboozy™ adult slushie freezer comes in. More than just another frozen drink dispenser, this machine is the first of its kind that can take liquid from a keg or canister and turn it directly into a frozen drink. Yes, that’s right–craft beer slushies are the next big thing, and you can serve them at your bar, too, with a Zamboozy™ adult slushie freezer.

Why Zamboozy™?

Turn Ordinary Craft Beer & Cocktails Into Frozen Drinks

The Zamboozy™ is the only device on the market capable of drawing liquid directly from a keg or canister, so you can use it to make beer slushies and frozen drinks with ease. The Zamboozy™ adult slushie freezer will enable you to introduce two delicious, unique adult frozen drinks to your menu that will be a hit with your clientele, ensuring repeat business for the summer season and beyond.

Clear Dispensing Doors

With a Zamboozy™ adult slushie freezer, you can allow your customers to see their beverages being created through the Zamboozy™’s clear plastic dispensing doors. The Zamboozy™, along with many other Taylor-branded equipment, includes standard draw handles that close automatically when not in use.

Alarm & Indicator Light System

A Zamboozy™ adult slushie freezer will flash lights and sound an alert if the syrup, water, or carbon dioxide levels drop on either side. When one side runs out of syrup, the operation on the other side will continue operating as normal regardless of the other’s downtime. Also, the alarm may be temporarily turned off using the “snooze” function for up to half an hour.

Power Saver

During long periods of inactivity, the Zamboozy™ adult slushie freezer’s Power Saver function may be set to Standby or Rest Mode. Standby Mode keeps the frozen beer or cocktail in the cylinder at 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit so it is easier to serve as soon as possible when needed. When Rest Mode is engaged, the refrigeration system is turned off, maximizing the energy efficiency of the machine. There are seven different cycles for which you may individually program the start and end times.

Automatic Defrost

Each frozen cylinder in a Zamboozy™ adult slushie freezer may be defrosted at a time and frequency chosen by the operator without affecting the other side. Bar staff should not remove anything from the defrosting side until the defrost light stops flashing. When the defrost cycle is complete, the freezing cylinder will automatically return to operation in the freeze-down setting.

Viscosity Control

Slushtech™ is a proprietary microprocessor-based universal control in the Zamboozy™ that adjusts refrigeration automatically according to viscosity, ensuring a consistent product all the time. This feature comes standard in Taylor-branded freezers.

Order a Zamboozy™ Adult Slushie Freezer in Wisconsin

Taylor Enterprises of WI, Inc. is a frontrunner in the food service equipment market and a reliable partner for any company looking for a Zamboozy™ adult slushie freezer in Wisconsin. Make your bar the talk of the town this season–contact us today to receive a quote and to learn more about our full line of food service equipment.

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