4 Must Have Commercial Frozen Drink Machines

Commercial frozen drink machines are customer-pleasers, delivering the best slushies, cocktails, margaritas, and granitas that customers crave year-round. These commercial machines serve as the highlight of any restaurant, concession stand, or convenience store menu.


The Zamboozy has made quite a splash with customers because of the unique brews and cocktails it delivers. This commercial frozen drink machine makes one-of-a-kind, frozen adults-only drinks, such as craft beer slushes, cranberry, pomegranate, vodka and soda cocktail slush, or an orange soda and cinnamon liquor slush.

These commercial drink machines make a favorable first impression with the perfect aesthetic, and follows it up with a refreshing, custom flavor. Zamboozy machines are built-to-serve, with capacities and recovery times that produce drinks for customers during the busiest times. Possibly the best part of these commercial drink machines is the possibilities for unique menu ideas—and the buzz they make among customers.

Slushy Machine

For the less-than-21-years-old crowd, a slushy machine is a must-have and a must-serve for any commercial food-service operation. The right slushy machine has the right capacity for a busy crowd, stand-by times that ensure a quality product when needed, and the right number of cylinders that allow restaurants to offer a variety of flavors. These machines should be fairly easy-to-use, requiring very little training and cleaning.

The aesthetics of a slushy machine is just as important as the features. The right slushy machine catches the eye of kids and parents alike, creating a bright and favorable impression. To find the right slushy machine, commercial food-service operators can contact a commercial equipment professional for options that fit the needs of the operation and their customers.

Frozen Margarita

A frozen margarita machine is a big hit with customers and operators. These machines produce this customer favorite and keep it chilled for the perfect serving. If the frozen margarita has more than one cylinder, this is also a chance for restaurants to mix it up with customers’ favorite flavors.

Since these frozen drink machines serve and store alcoholic drinks, they should be able to hit the extremely cold temperatures needed for freezing the alcohol. (Not all frozen drink machines can.)  


Shakes are a popular menu item among customers of all ages, making a shake freezer a must-have frozen drink machine. If the promise of a shake isn’t appealing enough, many shake freezers come with multiple cylinders that can store and serve customers’ favorite flavors.  

Because shakes typically involve dairy-based mixes, this commercial ice cream equipment should be equipped with a stellar refrigeration system that can hit safe storage temperatures. Shake machines should also be cleaned regularly, so businesses should contact a professional to choose a machines that can easily be disassembled and cleaned.

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