5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Taylor Ice Cream Machine

Wisconsin previously had multiple 90-degree weather days. Unfortunately, such scorching weather is here to stay. Locals should expect sweltering summers for years to come. 

For business-minded persons, this poses a huge business opportunity. A frosty ice cream or frozen yogurt dessert will drive the crowd to your shop. You’d purr out of relief when you taste frozen cold desserts in the comfort of your home. 

The question is, which ice cream machine should you invest in? Read on to know precisely why Taylor Ice Cream Machine is a highly suggested must-have this year! 

1. Taylor Ice Cream Machine’s Durability is Worth the Price

Cheaper ice cream machines are often marketed as power-saving and less expensive. However, these are only more affordable because manufacturers use cheaper materials.

For instance, they use less powerful compressors and beater motors. As a result, the machine carries more stress than it can handle, which causes it to give out after one or two years.

Meanwhile, Taylor has more than 50 years of experience in the industry. This allowed them to develop and perfect their technology.

A concrete example is the “Flooded Evaporator” technology that Taylor freezers use. This technology reduces potential problems caused by poor refrigerant distribution in the evaporator. As a result, these are less likely to break down, ensuring consistent products for years.

2. Faster Freeze Times

Taylor ice cream machines also guarantee a freezing capacity competitive for the fast food service. On a dizzy summer day in Wisconsin, you don’t only need your ice cream frozen; you need it to freeze fast to meet your customer’s demands. Otherwise, you’ll lose out on efficient customer service, which means less customer satisfaction.

This will not be an issue with Taylor’s top-grade frozen commercial machines. Featuring a flooded condenser design, you can serve your ice cream faster every time.

3. Purchases Come with Installation and Employee Training!

Your newly purchased Taylor Ice Cream Machine will come with a factory-trained technician. Thus, you can rest easy while our expert installs your new equipment. Also, our technicians will ensure that everything from the Amp Load to Temperature will run optimally.

After the installation, our technician will train your team on using the equipment. Should you need a refresher, we also supply Training DVDs for your reference.

4. Get the Best Warranty Deals

One of the reasons why many choose to invest in Taylor equipment is their warranty deals. All new Taylor equipment’s compressor, hopper, and shell have a five-year warranty.

Motors and gears come with a two-year warranty, while electronics and non-wearable parts have one year warranty. Not to mention the other one-year contract for replacing any warranty parts.

5. Reliable Technical Support

Your Taylor Ice Cream Machine features durable and authorized genuine parts. However, should a problem arise, your business will not suffer a massive loss due to this problem.

Each Taylor equipment comes with a free Trouble Shooting Guide. The guide is user-friendly and can resolve most minor issues within minutes.

Need help to do repair works? Our service doesn’t end with the installation.

We have many skilled technicians in our Wisconsin branch. Customers can always call our tech support hotline for professional services. 

Taylor Ice Cream Machine Supplier in Wisconsin

If you wish to upgrade or replace your Taylor Ice Cream Machine, the path will be as easy as pie. People know of Taylor’s reputation; hence, you will instantly get an offer. 

The best part? Taylor products have reasonable re-sale prices than its competitors. 

You’ve heard enough. Grab the chance to own this smart and cost-effective machine yourself. Then, give us a ring to learn more about Taylor Ice Cream Machines and more!

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