Milkshake Machine vs Blender: What You Need to Know

Steven Poplawski invented the electric blender in 1922. He knew that milkshakes were the hottest new treat and created the device to make them easier to make.

Since then, other inventors have created specialized milkshake machines. The two may seem almost identical, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Read our guide to learn the differences between a blender and a milkshake machine to decide which is right for your business.


Blenders have an electric motor at their base. They have sharp stainless steel blades that rotate within a glass or plastic container. 

A milkshake machine uses a powerful motor to mix ingredients in a large metal cup while keeping the ingredients cold and preventing them from getting runny. It should also have important features such as:

  • Quiet operational noise
  • Automatic stop 
  • Multiple settings to make different desserts or mix more than one milkshake at a time 


Blenders can crush almost anything, including ice and hard fruits. Milkshake machines can only handle ingredients such as soft fruits, milk, and peanut butter.


Blenders can be gigantic and take up plenty of space on your counter or in your kitchen. Milkshake machines are smaller and easier to fit amongst all of your other equipment.


A blender’s blades are sharp and present a risk of injury when you use them or clean them. A milkshake machine uses a cylinder that you can safely clean with warm water. 


Making a milkshake with a blender means waiting until the order comes in. Your ingredients won’t be right next to it, and you’ll have to gather them as quickly as possible.

Using a milkshake machine instead makes the process much faster. Most of them have mixed storage where you can put all the ingredients you’ll need. 


Milkshakes are as profitable as they are popular. They have a high profit margin of about 50-70%. Selling 50 shakes a day 7 days a week, 12 months a year can earn a business $135 a day or $50,00 a year. 

Making milkshakes is clearly worth the effort, but only if they’re high quality. Using a blender can make them thin, watery, and warm. Customers won’t come back to get a shake like that. 

A milkshake machine will give you the results they expect every time. It makes sure the milk is thick and frothy, keeps the shake cold, and makes it easier to blend in extra flavor. 

Where to Find a Milkshake Machine

Milkshakes are one of the most popular and profitable desserts in America. Businesses who’ve recently added them to their menu may have questions about what tools they need. 

Do I need a specialized machine? Can’t I just throw the ingredients into the blender?

Knowing the differences between a milkshake machine and a blender helps you find answers. 

Blenders are large and have sharp blades that can blend more ingredients. Milkshake machines are smaller, safer, and make better shakes.

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