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Henny Penny Fryers and Ovens In Wisconsin

It's about developing new concepts, value-added services and customized solutions for food service operators in every corner of the world. It's about a global network of exclusive distributors delivering the highest standard of representation and service in the industry. And it's about working together with our customers to make them successful in the marketplace.

Henny Penny Foodservice Equipment Line


Open Fryers and Pressure Fryers

Volume frying with programmable operation, oil management functions and fast, easy filtration.


Holding Cabinets & Heated Merchandisers

Heated holding cabinets keep foods hot and tasty for long periods of time before serving.


Rotisserie & Combi Ovens

Combi ovens use moist heat and dry heat, either separately or in combination, to produce the ideal cooking conditions for a wide variety of foods.


Fryer Oil Handling

Henny Penny portable dump stations help improve frying production, save on counter space, and offer flexibility of use and location.

Open Fryers and Pressure Fryers

Evolution Elite Open Fryers

Henny Penny auto lift open fryers offer high-volume, integral multi-well frying with auto lift capabilities.

Open Fryers

Auto lift open fryers automatically raise the load out of the fry pot when cooking program is complete.

Pressure Fryers

Frying under pressure enables lower cooking temperatures and faster cooking times.

F5 Fryers

With the F5, you get simplified, intuitive controls, kitchenproof design and an ultra-efficient, low oil volume platform. The result is superior operation, while delivering a consistent, high-quality product.

Holding Cabinets & Heated Merchandisers

Express Profit Merchandisers

With its innovative air curtain technology, the EPC2 holds food product for up to four hours under ideal conditions.

Holding Cabinets

Heated Holding Cabinets keep foods hot and tasty for long periods of time before serving.

Heated Merchandisers

Heated self-serve express case designed to display hot packaged fresh-food items.

Rotisserie & Combi Ovens


Henny Penny Rotisserie displays are designed to hold and display cooked chickens until carving, serving, or selling.

Platinum Combi / Gold Combi Ovens

SmartCombi combi ovens use moist heat and dry heat, to produce the ideal cooking conditions for a wide variety of foods.

SpaceSaver Platinum Combi

Combi ovens combine different cooking methods into one piece of equipment.

Breading Machines & Seasonings

Automatic Breading Machine

Henny Penny automatic breading machines are designed to provide high volume fried chicken operations with a constant supply of freshly breaded product.

The BM 110 automatic breading machine uses a rotating drum to gently tumble food through breading at a rate of up to 400 lb (181 kg) per hour. This compact tabletop unit will give your freshly breaded products a consistent look, taste and texture, while saving labor and reducing breading and product waste.

Fryer Oil Handling

Oil Disposal

The unappealing job of draining, transporting and disposing of spent frying oil becomes much easier.

Built to Serve

By developing long-lasting relationships built on trust and quality that goes back generations.
Taylor Enterprises of WI has become a leader in food service equipment supply.


We Service What We Sell

All our service vehicles are stocked with OEM parts to repar all the machines that we sell. Proper maintenance and service will reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Reliable OEM Parts

Not all parts are created equal. We always uses Authorized Service Genuine Parts to preserve your equipment efficiency and requirements.

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